KenC Oil and Gas


Newsletter Issue I – 2017

We had a flying start this year. We finished some interesting projects for existing customers and started new projects as well.

We are currently developing several marine loading arms. You will find an article on one of the realised loading arms projects in this newsletter. Apart from this, we are also busy for existing customers with the development of various systems and constructions used for the installation of offshore wind turbines.
We designed and constructed a waste water disposal installation for a monopile drill for Van Oord. You can read more about this on
page 4. New clients also granted us some challenging assignments. We had to develop and construct a rotating skidding system for Wagenborg with a WLL of 100t within a very short time frame, and for customers in the hoisting industry we had to make calculations.
We have invested in the renewal of our project data management system documents and revision management. We also implemented new software to improve the purchase of components and component systems for our equipment. These modernisations
will help us serve our customers even better. I hope you will enjoy our Newsletter and I look forward to your feedback!

Eric Buining – Managing Director