KenC Oil and Gas



Your operations face unique and demanding conditions – on and offshore. At KENC, we have the knowledge and expertise to develop the custom-engineered equipment you need to successfully complete operations.

Throughout the years KENC has built up the required skills and experience to develop equipment for:
• lifting (heavy lifting systems, tool handling suspensions, lifting gear)
• handling (manipulators, handling arms, hang-off structures, excavators)
• pipelaying (deck equipment for J-lay, S-lay and Reel-lay, workstations, davits)
• dredging (hull reinforcements, engine room modifications, redesign of excavator stick)
• inspection (intelligent pigs, pipe crawlers)

Quality, health, safety and environment
KENC is mindful of the environmental impact of its activities and optimizes the design for the complete life cycle of its products with respect to health, safety, environment and quality. KENC is ISO9001:2008 certified by DNV GL.

In addition, we design, fabricate and deliver a wide range of other turnkey equipment tailor-made to client specifications. To find out how we can support your operations, contact us for more information.