On the 9th of November 2020, KENC Engineering revealed two new automatic boat landing systems (ABLS). The ABLS provides a safe transfer between a CTV and large vessels and is now available in two configurations.

The product launch is a follow-up on a successful delivery last year when KENC designed, fabricated and delivered a thirteen meter boat landing system for Van Oord. Eric Buining, managing director at KENC: “The main advantage of KENC’s ABLS is that there is no crane handling needed to deploy and retrieve the boat landing system. This results in more uptime and less risk.” The ABLS is a robust and compact design that comes fully automated with an easy-to-operate control system and is equipped with hydraulic drives. “The H-Type is a proven system with low storage height and suited for larger vessels, where the V-Type has an incredibly small footprint with simple and straight forward vessel interfaces”, says manager engineering Cor Hilbrink. The base configuration of both ABLS systems are certified and compatible with all common CTV’s. The ABLS can be upgraded with features such as an integration with board systems, luggage lifting system, flood lights etc.


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