During offshore operations, crew changes are almost inevitable. Many offshore wind farm developers and oil and gas operators choose boat landing systems as the preferred way of crew transfer because of their high level of safety. If you want to integrate a new boat landing system into your vessel, you have to deal with many challenges. In this blog post, we share a few with you.

Rules & Regulations
When you look into the rules and regulations of a boat landing system, you easily can get lost. The guidelines differ depending on the project location or operator involved. Another example is the angle of approach for CTV’s. This is not clearly defined in regulations and has consequences for your boat landing design and integration. This is just a glimpse of the things you need to look into if you want a class-certified boat landing system.

When the framework is clear, it is crucial to involve other stakeholders. For the captain, it is important there is no equipment hanging overboard, while vessel managers or superintendents are more concerned about the potential hinder of operations. Gathering input really can smoothen the process, operational efficiency, and safety.

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Location, location, location
Integrating a boat landing into an existing vessel is always a challenge. Small areas, mission equipment, walking routes… To name a few things you probably have to deal with. A few takeaways on finding the most suitable location for your boat landing system:

  • A location nearby a pilot ladder seems to be a suitable spot, as this is often nearby the accommodation area.
  • For a smooth and safe transfer, you want to look for a spot with minimal ship movement. Close to the middle of the vessel can be a good area.
  • In narrow areas with minimum space you may want to consider a vertical stored boat landing This way you use a very small interface and limited storage height can be sufficient.

To ensure a safe and reliable crew transfer system, do not wait too long for sourcing your boat landing system as there are lots of things to look into. If you’re curious about how we dealt with the above challenges, just give us a call. We’re happy to think along!