In July 2019 Van Oord installed the automatic boat landing system on Bravenes, one of their state-of-the-art subsea rock installation vessels. Little over a year after the installation of the automatic boat landing system, technical superintendent Joost Pannekeet and chief officer of Bravenes Freek Fieten share their experience.


The need

To optimize operational efficiency and enable a safe crew change during a project, Van Oord was looking for an automatic boat landing system. Joost Pannekeet: “Since KENC was recommended on their experience and expertise, we reached out to them for this project.” The compliance and ease of use were two important criteria for Joost Pannekeet. “The new system needed to be certified, but also easy to operate.” Within six weeks, KENC developed a thirteen meter long boat landing system that could be launched and retrieved automatically. A combination of a cost-effective design, high level of safety and compliant with all type of crew tenders.




Bravenes – joined the Van Oord fleet in 2018 – needed a small refit to integrate the boat landing. Modifications were applied to the vessel and connections were made to existing hydraulics. Within one and a half week the automatic boat landing system was installed and commissioned on board Bravenes. Pannekeet: ”I am very satisfied with the smooth development of the project. Cor Hilbrink, manager engineering at KENC, was very well prepared and gave excellent guidance which resulted in a smooth project. Perfectly delivered within deadline.”



In the field

Chief officer of Bravenes, Freek Fieten comments: “The basic design of the boat landing is very satisfactory. The biggest advantage is that we do not need the ship’s crane to put the boat landing in position. This results in more uptime and less risk. Lowering can already be done during operation, only a heading change is needed to give the best lee. Only during the crew transfer itself operations will be ceased. Total down time is about 20 to 30 minutes.”


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